# 🗺 Vue Mapbox GL

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A small components library to use Mapbox GL in Vue.

# Installation & usage

Have a look at the small guide for information on how to setup a simple map.

# Components

Check the detailed documentation on each components for a more advanced usage:

Component Description
MapboxMap Display a map with the given style.
MapboxMarker Display a simple or custom marker.
MapboxCluster Display a GeoJSON as clusters.
MapboxGeocoder Display a geocoder search input with the @mapbox/mapbox-gl-geocoder (opens new window) plugin.
MapboxImage Load an image to be used on the map.
MapboxImages Load multiple images to be used on the map.
MapboxLayer Display a layer on the map.
MapboxNavigationControl Display the map's navigation controls
MapboxGeolocateControl Display the map's geolocation control
MapboxPopup Display a popup on the map
MapboxSource Load a source of data to be used on the map

# Note

This project is a rewrite of a fork of openearth/vue2mapbox-gl (opens new window) and is published under the GNU GPL 3 (opens new window) license.